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Hi. I'm Ben, nice to meet you. This is my website. Give me a few weeks to get it all sorted out and write some content for the site that I want to share pubically. 👀

What's going on with your site?

I just launched this Gatsby theme by Ryan Wiemer, it's called Amsterdam and I like it okay, it has most of the features I was looking for and looks quite good too. I will stil "fix it up" and add my own style to it, at some point. 😎

I'm getting used to blogging; and I have nothing to blog about right now. So I'm just collecting stuff "notes" to share with my GF.✌🏻

What do you do for fun and amusement?

I do a lot of different stuff to amuse myself. First and formost it's music!!!! I love music (mainly metal and jazz) but I might surprise you with my tastes. I also like watching movies and TV shows, but that's not really all that unusual as most people like that as well.

© 2021 Ben Partch

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